Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm being watched

Today at work I was reminded of one principle: my kids are looking to me for how to live. I brought one of my little girls in, three year old Hannah, in to do the computer work with me. I put her on my lap and as I was signing kids in and out for the day. She and I sat and we talked about her weekend and giggled together. Next thing I know she tapping on the desk. She was imitating me typing on the computer. She was watching everything I was doing.

It was a humbling yet sobering thought. She was watching me all the time. Meaning I need to be on my game all the time. The habits they see me doing, they will imitate and possibly carry on with them in their lives.

So let me ask you this...if little eyes were watching you, would you want them repeating what you were doing?

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